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• Looking  • 3D Data  • MAPPS  • Data Modeling  • Landslides  • Automotive Testing  • Airport Safety  • Value  • Tropical Forests  • Post Mortem  • Ben Kacyra  • Online Education  • The Toolshed  •Aerial LiDAR  • Aircraft  • NERC-FAC003-3nbsp; • Batch Programming  • Random Points
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3D Laser Mapping Scanner Helps UCL Scientists Map Trees
Pelydryn Successfully Implements an Integrated Management System
Britain’s Greenest Cities and Counties Mapped from the Air by Bluesky
Optech Showcasing Game-Changing Solutions at Asia Geospatial Forum
Experts to Examine State of 3D Scanning and Measurement Market and the Status of Unmanned Vehicle Systems for Commercial Operation
LizardTech to Demonstrate a UAV Workflow at the Esri Southwest User Conference
Woolpert to Provide the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency with Commercial Airborne Services
MAPPS Salutes GIS Day
LizardTech Updates Educational Licensing Program in Time for GIS Day
International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2015 Program Announced
RIEGL USA to Exhibit at Autodesk University 2014!
Catsurveys Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar wins ISTT product of the year award
At Inaugural UAS Mapping Forum in Reno, LiDAR Pioneer Velodyne Demonstrates Lightweight 3D LiDAR Puck Live
Blue Marble User Conferences Huge Success
“Snoopying” Around Lots – Part 1
Building Rapport With A Prospect? Beware Of The Pitfalls
The Contour Connection Method: Inventorying and Classifying Landslides using Bare Earth Lidar
BIM in 60 Seconds
Permission Granted for Advanced Large Scale Long Distance UAV Flights
Optech Sponsoring Joint Pecora, ISPRS, and IAG Symposium
Next Generation Laser Trackers Increase Portability and Ease of Use
Velodyne 3D LiDAR Sensor Enables M.I.T./Olin to Finish First at Maritime RobotX in Singapore
3D Laser Mapping Helps Preserve Earthquake Prone Buildings in New Zealand
Trimble’s Smart Water Infrastructure Mapping and Work Management Cloud Software Adds High-Accuracy GNSS Capabilities
3DEP Draws National Interest and Attention
Mobile Asset Management
RobotX Maritime Competition
Change is in the Air: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Take Off at Recent ASPRS Symposium
The Catch-22 Scenario for New Technology Purchases
Optech Sponsoring Esri Eastern Africa User Conference in Kenya

Latest Articles From Our Contributors...

Michael Raphael 
3D Scanning Featured in Rock Music Video: Michael Raphael – In early May 2014, Direct Dimensions was contacted by a film production company about helping to create a music video for the band called Liars. The producers and director had a very clear vision of what they wanted to do in the video (see the Featured Video), which was show the creation and destruction ...
John 'JB' Byrd 
Growing Support for Digital Coast in Congress: John "JB" Byrd – Recent reports and articles have focused on sea level rise and how technology can be used to monitor, evaluate and plan for the phenomena. Included in these reports is a focus on a technology known and accepted by the geospatial community, but new to the mainstream media. That technology is LiDAR ...
Lewis Graham 
LIDAR Best Practices: Part II – Field Analysis: Lewis Graham – In the initial installment, we examined the initial acquisition segment of an airborne LIDAR project. In this issue, we will move on through field quality checks. As discussed in the previous issue, it is always best practice to look for problems that might require a reflight prior to mobilization off the project area ...

 LiDAR News Magazine - Recent Articles
From the Editor: Privacy and Conferences
We can add SPAR 2014 to the list of successfully completed conferences in 2014. There were 17 new vendors at this year's event which is encouraging, but the attendance has held around 850 for the past few years. This is similar to ILMF and ASPRS. With the exploding interest in laser ....
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Business Development: The Dreaded Gatekeeper
Sunday night, your bags are packed and you're ready to go. You have a three day road trip ahead comprised of scheduled meetings with clients along with cold calls to fill in the gaps. As a prepared salesperson with a quality service/ product to promote you have already done your ....
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Geospatial Community to Contact Congress in Support of 3DEP
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has launched a program to provide a national elevation dataset to a common standard with scheduled updates. The 3DEP program is based on a recommended 8-year acquisition cycle at a cost of $146 million per year, to be shared among several agency ....
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Education: Penn State Offers Online UAS Course
No industry newsletter or journal published today fails to highlight the increasing importance of and interest in Unmanned Aerial Systems for remote sensing data collection. Clearly UAS are being perceived as the way of the future, albeit there are a number of critical issues, such as ....
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Conferences: MAPPS 2014 Winter Meeting Recap
Over the past seven years MAPPS has hosted conference sessions on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This was to keep the membership informed and engaged with the integration of technology, as well as the pending regulations for commercial use. The buzz around the technology has ....
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Mystery Of The Serpents—Archaeology LiDAR
The use of LiDAR to support archaeology has been well known within the geospatial community for some time now. Interestingly enough, several individuals outside the geospatial community are just now realizing the potential of LIDAR technologies across all aspects of archaeology ....
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What's Old is New Again—Welcome Back Photogrammetry!
The year was 1981. The Dodgers had taken the World Series from the Yankees in Game Six at Yankee Stadium. The Go Go's topped the billboard charts with "Our Lips Are Sealed" and I became an aerial , photographer. My father had decided that my summer was better spent working for ....
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Enforcement and Compliance Using LiDAR and Other Datasets
City inspectors are, perhaps, the unsung heroes of every city across the country. From ensuring that our buildings and elevators are functioning properly to checking every nook and cranny of construction sites and cracked sidewalks for possible safety hazards, inspectors' workloads ....
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How Privacy Concerns Will Shape LiDAR Applications Using UAS
LiDAR has proven to be an effective tool for aerial, terrestrial, and mobile applications. It is conceivable that many current aerial and terrestrial LiDAR applications will be performed by UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) in the not-to-distant future. How will UAS ("drones") change the ....
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Surveying Power Lines in Angola
Power outages caused by damage from trees and other vegetation are a common occurrence in many parts of the world. The August 2003 blackout that affected 50 million people in the Northeast United States and Canada was attributed ....
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Can One Mobile Mapping System Do It All?
State transportation agencies today are in a bind. Federal regulations require data-driven decision making aimed at maximizing the benefit of investments and improving long-term performance and safety for the public, while state budgets are placing increasing pressure on agencies to ....
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Imaging Technology Comes to Emerging Economy
The state of Nuevo León in northeastern Mexico is where technological progress and the preservation of historic architecture meet, if we are to judge by the recent imaging of a historic museum building with a high-speed laser scanner ....
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Dimension Augmentation on a Mobile Image using Point Cloud Data
Smart phones are becoming smarter everyday by integration of the latest sensor technologies with these user friendly handheld devices. Mobile augmented reality (AR) applications utilizing geospatial data are being used to provide various location based services to mobile users in real ....
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See the Forest For the Point Cloud—Tree Diameter Detection
An increasing number of ecologists and foresters are viewing LiDAR as an essential tool to expand their knowledge of ecological processes and to derive precise measurements of biomass. However, using LiDAR to model individual trees and entire forest stands presents interesting ....
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Remote Wind Sensing—Can CW-Lidars Outperform Pulsed Systems?
For many decades Lidar has been used for the determination of physical quantities like gas and aerosol concentrations, temperature, pressure and humidity. Therefore, it can be called the backbone of remote sensing in atmospheric research. In the 21st century it conquered a new ....
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From Galileo to Radiohead and Beyond—Who Could Have Imagined?
Every now and then, how we look at the world changes. When Galileo fixed his eye to the lens of a telescope, he focused light to reveal details of our world never before seen by humankind. He then shared what he saw by carefully drawing the images he observed. He published his ....
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Product Review: Geoverse Software Review
Think about the last LiDAR dataset you worked with. Did you ever view all the data at once? Probably not. Much like large imagery datasets, LiDAR data are typically tiled, but unlike imagery we don't have wellestablished techniques for visualizing large collections of LiDAR data. Vendors ....
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Random Points: Volumetric Analysis
As many of you regular readers of this column know, I have been restructuring the GeoCue Group to ensure that we are riding the crest of the point cloud wave. My prediction is that within the next 18 months, point cloud data derived from images collected by small Unmanned ....
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Industry Pioneers: Jim van Rens
All of us in the industry have had that "aha" moment the first time we encountered a point cloud. Mine happened in 1997 at The National Robotic Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Sanjiv Singh had taken a high speed laser rangefinder from RIEGL and coupled it with a scanning ....
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The Business of Laser Scanning: "...But we can save you millions!"
If you've met me you know I'm obsessed with the desire to scale my company, and honestly, our entire industry through the integration of 3d technologies. I also believe we need to expand beyond BIM, our lowest hanging fruit, and other industry niches that utilize 3d technology ....
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